Occupational Health and Safety Act


Safety training

15 (1) An employer must ensure that a worker is trained in the safe operation of the equipment the worker is required to operate.

(2) An employer must ensure that the training referred to in subsection (1) includes the following:

(a) the selection of the appropriate equipment;

(b) the limitations of the equipment;

(c) an operator’s pre‑use inspection;

(d) the use of the equipment;

(e) the operator skills required by the manufacturer’s specifications for the equipment;

(f) the basic mechanical and maintenance requirements of the equipment;

(g) loading and unloading the equipment if doing so is a job requirement;

(h) the hazards specific to the operation of the equipment at the work site.

(3) If a worker may be exposed to a harmful substance at a work site, an employer must

(a) establish procedures that minimize the worker’s exposure to the harmful substance, and

(b) ensure that a worker who may be exposed to the harmful substance

(i) is trained in the procedures,
(ii) applies the training, and
(iii) is informed of the health hazards associated with exposure to the harmful substance.

(4) A worker must participate in the training provided by an employer.

(5) A worker must apply the training referred to in subsections (1) and (3).